Hunting for a Agenda? Look No Further!

20 August 2015

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If like me you have been searching high and low for the beautiful agendas, then I may have just answered your prayers!

After finding them to be out of stock almost everywhere, I took to tracking down as many of the UK stockists as possible, and contacting them to see if they had any in stock.

I was originally after the 'Florabunda' 17 month agenda, but after The Little Paperie got back to me saying they had the pink 'I am very busy" in stock, I thought I should pounce before it disappeared out of stock forever!

UK stockists of the 17 month Agenda

Little Paperie
£18 plus £3.50 postage or £4.50 first class
Available - Pink 'I am very busy' and Gold Foil

The Lovely Room
£24 plus £4.99 postage
Available - Gold Foil and Florabunda

*Get 20% off with the code "BackToSchool20"*

Roo's Beach
£24.50 plus £2.50 postage
Available - Florabunda

Also in limited supply on the website and at Stringers Lytham.

Happy shopping #bandogirlgang, hope you manage to get your hands on one!

- Molly xxx


  1. you have a gawjus blog here !!! had a good read :D great post :)

    would love a comment on my new video

    have a wonderful day :)


    1. Thank you so much Jade! And I'll certainly take a look :) x

  2. Woop we've got ourselves a stationery Sherlock Holmes haha. I've already got my planner but those stationery stores look amazing. Might have to go hauling x

    Angi |

    1. Haha I think it's time to change my blog name ;) Don't they just, the girls at Little Paperie were so lovely too. In my hunting I also found a few American stationary shops, lets just say I'm coveting quite a few things! x

  3. I've been looking for planners like these so this has been a really helpful post! Will definitely be making a stationary purchase soon!

    Danielle | Simplicity Rose x

    1. Ooh glad I could be of help, did you manage to track one down?:) xx

  4. I feel like this post was made for me haha! I am always looking for some good planners for a long time now <3

    1. I feel like those planners were made for me! :D Did you manage to get your hands on one? xx

  5. Hi Molly - It's Michele here from Roo's Beach - Thanks so much for featuring us. The agendas are sold out at the moment - but we will be getting new ones in soon. I will keep you posted as to when they arrive! Thanks again! x

    1. It's a pleasure Michele, this years agendas are equally as lovely, I've updated the link for them as well :) xx


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