September Round Up

4 October 2015

Wow, this September has honestly been one of the most hectic months ever, from University open days and UCAS applications; to birthdays, leaving parties and anniversary celebrations. It's been very emotional saying goodbye to many of my childhood friends, but I can see that they're all having a blast at Uni and I can't wait until it's my turn next year!

1. Everyone likes dessert right? I was tempted by this amazing strawberry and honeycomb pavlova at Jamies' Italian, I couldn't really say no to this combo of two of my favourite desserts.

2. Cocktail O'clock had Louis and I tasting a mango and passionfruit smash and a raspberry mule, I think we made the right choice as they were both so good.

3. For my 19th birthday meal, Louis and I took a trip to Bill's where we both had the delicious chipotle chicken burger and sweet potato fries. We'd never been to Bill's before but the atmosphere in there was great and the food was even better.

4. In a month filled with heartfelt goodbyes, it was also time to bid farewell to one of the fluffiest little dogs ever, goodbye Mushu. :(

5. One thing I never could have imagined recieving through my letterbox is a birthday cake, but I guess I have Paris to thank for this tasty Bakerdays letterbox cake. Thanks Paris!

6. On the last day of September Louis and I celebrated our 4th anniversary with a meal at Jamies' Italian, crazy how time flies!

7. Big thanks also go to my parents for the lovely gifts I receieved, they we're so 'me', and while we're at it can I give a mention to that beautiful wrapping paper!

8. On a particularly dreary afternoon last week I looked out the window to see a rainbow, which certainly brightened my day. If you look closely you might notice that it's actually a double rainbow, yay!

9. Last, but certainly not least thank you to my lovely friends for their thoughtful gifts and cards, I cant wait to start using them.

See you next time!

- Molly xxx

P.S. I just want to say I'm really sorry for being so all over the place with my posting schedule, although I can't imagine that I have any avid readers anyway so... ;)


  1. I have to say I'm annoyed by your being all over the place with your posting schedule, I'm an avid reader ;) x

    1. I can only apologise, I could say that I'll be better in future but thats probably unattainable ;) xx


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