Do you fancy yourself as a total wipeout champion?

7 July 2016

If you've ever watched someone on the TV taking on an extreme over water obstacle course and thought "I'd love to do that" then you may be in luck.

Coming this summer to Rutland Water in Oakham, Leicestershire, is the UK's largest inflatable aquaglide water park. There are 16 different obstacles to try out ranging from trampolines and climbing walls to "the cyclone" a spinning hamster ball on water! The park is open rain or shine from the 9th of July to the 4th of September for a unique fun and challenging outdoor experience.

I'm sure you have plenty of questions, as I did having never attempted anything like this before, so let me give you the low down:
  • participants must be at least six years old, and at least 1.1m tall
  • participants are required to wear a buoyancy vest in which they must be able to swim 50m 
  • tickets costs £15 for a 55min session, early booking is recommended due to high demand
  • wet suits cost £5 to rent, you can pre book your rental, or you are welcome to bring your own wetsuit. I would imagine it necessary to wear a wetsuit, this is England after all!
  • you should arrive prepared an hour before your pre booked time slot, bringing with you things like a towel, a warm change of clothes and maybe even a flask of your favourite hot drink.
Theres tonnes of additional information here and plenty of photos on the Facebook page if you still have some lingering questions, otherwise you can book your tickets here.

If you do manage to take on the aqua park obstacle course then please let me know, I'd love to see some photos if you have any.

Until next time - Molly xxx

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