5 Of My Favourite: Stationary Brands

27 May 2017

If you're reading this then there's a good chance that you're a stationary obsessed blogger like myself. It almost seems that a penchant for all types of pretty paper products is a criteria for becoming a blogger, but hey, I'm not complaining. As someone who has amassed quite the collection of stationary over the years I thought it was about time I take you through a few of my favourite brands.

1. Kate Spade

Renowned for being one of the most luxurious stationers on the market, Kate Spade does not disappoint. If you're on the hunt for rose gold desk accessories then look no further, Kate Spade has the matching pencil pot, desk tray and stapler. Aside from hardware, you'll also find yourself lusting after the stationery sets and beautiful paper products, I mean come on, have you seen those thank you notes?

2. Knock Knock

Knock Knock boasts a unique range of paper pads, from packing and shopping lists to organisers which can help you to manage your to do list. I find their notepads to be highly motivating they make my chores seem more fun and a lot less daunting. Aside from that they also make humorous notepads such as the 'selfie citation' and 'what I love about you today' which I'm sure would be well received as  a gift to any stationary obsessive. On the whole Knock Knocks products are excellent value, and an essential for any list lover.

3. Ohh Deer

As a brand local to me I have a particular fondness for Ohh Deer - the self proclaimed retailer of quirky illustrated gifts. On their site you will find a catalogue of unique cards for every occasion, gorgeous notepads, planners and pens, and even an ornate pair of crane scissors. Theres so much to see on their site I can honestly find myself browsing for hours, needless to say I am grateful for their student discount.

4. Ban.do

Over the past few years Ban.do have taken the blogging world by storm with their gorgeous selection of agendas. Their designs have become so popular they're often difficult to get hold of in the UK, but if you're quick you can pre-order your chosen design here, I've used Roo's Beach before and I can't fault them. If you find yourself lusting after some slightly different items then take a look at my edit of their best products or have a snoop inside one of their coveted agendas.

5. Happy Jackson

Over the past year my Happy Jackson Notebook has been my trusty companion to all my university lectures. The funky branding helps to inject a spot of humour into my 9am lectures, and I've had many a comment on my 'Serious Notebook (so people think I know what I'm doing)'.  If you like bright colours and witty one liners then this is the brand for you. Personally I think my next I investment will be one of their sticky note pads, hopefully that will make my assigned reading a bit more interesting.

So, there you have my top five stationary brands, I hope that you've enjoyed this post and are now ready to go on a stationary shopping spree (try saying that three times fast). Although some people may regard my obsession with stationary as trivial, I love the way it inspires people to organise and achieve, personally I feel I would be in an even bigger mess without it.

Anyway, thanks for reading, do let me know if you'd like to see another stationary post, and comment below what your favourite brands are.


  1. Everything Kate Spade does is just lovely! I used one of her stationary sets for my wedding thank you'd andwas so delighted with them!


  2. Great post! I'm on the hunt for some new awesome stationery! Kate Spade is a great line! I haven't tried any of these other brands mentioned! I usually like finding good stationery items at Target!

  3. I love Ohh Deer! Hadn't heard of the others so thank you for the recommendations! I'm a huge stationary lover & notepad collector! Would love to see more posts like this on your blog!

    Charlene McElhinney


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