Revamping My Room With Uncommon Goods

15 August 2017

When I returned home from University this summer to see the wonderful job my Dad had done overhauling my younger sister's room my mind immediately sprung to my own bedroom which looked drab by comparison. From then on I have been brainstorming, researching and online shopping away compiling my ideas in order to spruce up my own room.

Just for reference heres a few pictures from my Pinterest mood board which show you the kind of look I'm hoping to achieve.

In terms of colour I'm hoping to go for a muted grey and neutrals palette with pink and gold accents. 
I'm hoping to keep pinks restricted to bedding so I can easily swap it out when I get bored, so in this edit I've tried to pull together a few bits and pieces from Uncommon Goods to tie together my room.

Uncommon Goods is a New York based company founded in 1999, they specialise in unique handcrafted homewear products and beautiful gifts. The company ethos is one of sustainability, charity and integrity which explains why the company is such a hit with both designers and consumers.

I'm hoping to create a mixed media gallery wall incorporating a few different photos as well as some 3D features, this suspension bridge shelf with its distinctive design would look stunning as well as serving a function displaying trinkets or miscellaneous items.

I feel like I've seen these gorgeous tumblers all over Instagram but never actually managed to track one down. This metallic pineapple looks super luxurious and would fair equally well on my bedside table as it would holding snazzy cocktails.

This is another one for the gallery wall, I love the romantic cursive font but even more than that I was so shocked to find out this is actually a coat hook! It's not often I find products that successfully balance form and function but Uncommon Goods is clearly killing it at the moment. I would style this item with cute hats scarves and necklaces to fit the theme of my gallery wall, and of course the occasional jacket.

This industrial looking sculpture is one of my favourite decorative accessories on the site, I don't actually own any sculptures at the moment, but this fantastic piece paired with the bridge shelf gives a subtle nod to the NYC origins of UG whilst creating a modern luxe vibe in any room. One thing about this sculpture is you can actually take the lid off, which makes it the perfect hiding place for anything precious. 

This colourful ceramic honeycomb dish is actually intended for the garden however I think it would look equally lovely holding my perfumes or even just as a pretty prop for blog photography. I've never seen a bee oasis before, but the concept is that the shallow pool of water and bright colours attracts bees which will then in turn have your garden blooming with minimal effort. I know my mum would absolutely love this.

Whilst I'm usually hoarding scented candles but I absolutely love this little tea light holder, the combination of the warm glow and gorgeous shadows it casts creates such a cosy homely vibe, which will be especially pretty during the upcoming colder months. Uncommon goods carries quite a range of unusual candles  ranging from quirky scented or beer bottle candles to a few other variations of the shadow tea light trays.

I hope you've enjoyed seeing a few of the items I've picked out from Uncommon Goods and how I would style them in my room. Right now the inspiration is flowing, so I'm away to look at paint samples and hopefully get cracking overhauling my room.

*This is a sponsored post,  but as ever all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

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