5 Myths About Going to Uni

28 January 2019

Being at uni for three years now I’ve heard my fair share of myths about the student experience, so today I’m going to debunk a few of the most common.

1.    First year is the best year
Whilst is certainly is true that first year is the one where you’ll likely have the least responsibilities this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best year. In first year you might be nervous about adapting to independent work at University or moving in with people you don’t know, but by second year you’ll be feeling settled in and be picking the people you want to live with. Each year has its own merits, all is not lost once you make it to second year.

2.    You’ll make your best friends in freshers week
A handful of my close friends now are those I made in freshers week, but most of the people I spent those first couple of days with I hardly see anymore, and I know that’s the case for so many people. Besides, I’ve made so many other friends since then, each year has actually brought me closer to new people and I actually feel like my social circle is a whole lot bigger now than in first year as I have close friends from work, my course and each of the houses I’ve lived in.

3.    You’ll spend three years skint and starving
Whilst it can be tough sometimes surviving on a student budget there’s plenty of opportunity to top up the cash with part time work during term time or the long vacation periods. Most of my friends have some sort of part time work and not only does this help tide us over it actually enables us to go out and have fun during our degree rather than stressing over money and missing out on experiences. We often go out for meals or drinks together, I learnt in first year that I would much rather earn a bit of extra money than spend the year feeling like I had missed out. Aside from eating out, it’s really easy to do your weekly shop on  budget with Aldi just round the corner. I usually spend between £10-15 per week and I’ve come to have a newfound love for cooking and testing out new recipes (which you can see on my Instagram), I’ve come a long way since pesto pasta in first year.

4.    Living with all girls will be bitchy
I’ve heard this so many times its almost ridiculous. Whilst this year is the only year I’ve lived with all girls this honestly couldn’t be further from the truth. Living in a house of six girls might be some people’s idea of a nightmare but I honestly feel so lucky to have found such a relaxed, funny and sociable group. Don’t be put off by old clich├ęs, you are the best judge of who you will suit living with, even if that is six girls.

5.    Moving out = becoming an adult
Oh how wrong I was to think I would be completely mature and independent as soon as I moved out. It’s not just me though, everyone around me is just muddling their way through uni life. If I’m not ringing mum or dad asking how to do something then I’m probably googling it or asking my housemates instead. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all bad and I’ve definitely learnt a lot since first year, but I don’t think anyone ever actually feels like an adult, especially when you come back to mum’s home cooked meals at the end of every term.
I hope you’ve enjoyed hearing some of the most common misconceptions about going to Uni, if you have discovered any other myths of your own please send me a message on Instagram as I’d love to hear them.

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